Module 10

Working in confined spaces


Training courses

Duration of the training

2 - 3 days

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Objectives of this module

  • The candidate will be able to identify a confined space and to draw up a list of its specifications.

  • Developing an analytical mind to the candidate so that he can identify all the risks inherent to the confined spaces (fire, danger of explosion, poisoning, altitude ...)

  • Reading and analyzing the required procedures that he must follow during his activities in confined spaces.

  • The application of the mandatory procedures while working in confined spaces.

  • Being able to use personal protective equipment (PPE) and collective protection to evolve into the workplace and safe working in the confined space.

  • An emergency procedure in the event of an accident in a confined space (casualty evacuation).

Target audiences

  • The staff of the sectors of business, industry, food industry, water management, civil engineering, ...
  • Staff in the context of occupational medicine.

Practical modalities

  • Duration of the training : 2-3 days.
  • Training in the training center or in the company.
  • The ability to use your own PPE and collective protection equipment.
  • Necessities : safety shoes (S3), overall, Identity card.
  • Névé is approved by the Walloon Region and certified by sector funds. More information on the page : training voucher and financial supports

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