Névé: your partner for risk analysis

Working at height risk analysis expert

As experts in the analysis of the risks involved in working at height, our experience in the field, built up over more than 25 years, has firmly established us as a reference in risk assessment for your interventions at height. Our wide experience in this field allows us to provide precise risk analyses adapted to your specific needs, thereby reducing the risk of falling in your company.

The Névé approach to risk analysis focuses on three fundamental elements, guaranteeing a total and personalised assessment of safety when working at height:

Mapping risks existing on the site, inventories and behavioural analysis

Our team of experts maps out the risks to be found on your site in detail.

This includes identifying high-risk zones, potentially dangerous situations and environmental factors that could contribute to accidents when working at height.

We review all the personal and collective protective equipment used on your site.

Measures to be taken

Meticulous examination of your fall arrest system, including helmets, harness, ropes, positioning lanyards, descenders and pulleys, as well as your collective protective equipment such as fixed anchor points, safety lines, safety ladders, railings, scaffolding, cherry pickers and more.

This stage is vital to ensure that your equipment is perfectly compliant with the legal obligations for working at height.

Report and residual risks

A detailed report of the at-risk zones, the equipment, the behaviour and the measures to be taken to reduce the risk of falling as well as the residual risks will serve as a basis for the actions to be taken with a view to improving safety.

Névé draws its strength from its passion for verticality

Its combination of technical and teaching experience has helped build our reputation for unrivalled professionalism among exclusively professional customers. We understand the safety issues facing you and our approach focuses on providing effective solutions to reduce the risk of falling when working at height.

By choosing Névé as your risk analysis partner, you opt for a very high quality service. Our team of experienced experts is ready to work closely with your company to create personalised risk analyses based on the three key elements referred to above.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure the safety of your staff working at height, to minimise the risks and to help you to maintain a safe working environment that complies with all the current regulations.

With Névé at your side, you can rest assured that your people can work at height in total safety, complying with the most stringent standards in industry. Do not take pointless risks.

Put your trust in Névé for a professional, customised risk analysis.