For over 25 years, the company Névé has specialised in training for working at height, auditing (working at height risk analysis), inspecting fall arrest systems and staff management on site.

Experience at the service of your staff’s safety


Experience and passion at the service of your safety in a setting dedicated entirely to training staff to work at height.

Névé is the result of a passion for verticality as well as technical and teaching experience that characterise its founder, Yannik Monnart. Throughout all these years, the company has slowly but surely forged a highly professional reputation among exclusively professional customers.

Névé now has an INDOOR and OUTDOOR training centre, trainers and a teaching method that form the basis of its reputation.

By joining the dozens of companies who have made Névé their training partner, you opt for a very high quality service.

Give yourself every chance of starting a new and fascinating career or rise in your job by taking our Névé training courses.

From the most basic techniques to the most advanced safety procedures, learn to provide the highest quality service in total safety. 

Invest in your safety and your professional future with Névé.

Discover our training courses.