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Refresh Module 3 : Ropes Access (basic techniques)

Module 14


Level update

Duration of the training

2 days

Module goals

Discover our new specialised training course on working at height with ropes.

Learn the basic techniques needed for all work at height with ropes (harness, descender). Get to grips with your equipment and learn to respond appropriately in an emergency.

Whether you are an experienced professional seeking to update your skills or a beginner wishing to learn the basics, our course offers you the opportunity to acquire essential expertise to be able to use your equipment properly for all work at height.

Invest in your safety and your professional future with Névé.

  • Develop an analytical mindset in the candidate so that he can identify all the risks linked to any intervention at height.
  • Be capable of using appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to evolve at height using ropes.
  • Put in place hauling systems.
  • Be capable of carrying out a rescue on structures and on ropes.
  • PPE used: helmet, harness, fall arrest systems (mobile and fixed), ropes, positioning lanyard, descender, pulleys, blockers, etc.

Target groups

  •  The staff in companies in the construction, industry, electricity, green spaces, telecom, agri-foodstuffs and other sectors.
  • Experienced staff (who have taken and passed the training course on access and working on ropes).

Practical details

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