Module 4

Working at height : Training on Pylon


Training courses

Duration of the training

1 day

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Objectives of this module

  • Test your abilities to work at height and your feeling of emptiness (vertigo).
  • Perform exercises on a pylon to increase your skills.
  • Improve your techniques: haul system, movements, access, security, rescue, ...
  • Use your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to climb at height safely.

Target audiences

  • The staff of contractors, industry, electricity, green spaces, telecom, food processing industries, ...
  • Prerequisites: have completed training for working at heights.

Practical modalities

  • Height : 56 m.
  • 6 working platforms secured by railings.
  • A central ladder secured by a Söll rail.
  • 2 Elia ladders secured by P.A.
  • Compliant marking in 4 working areas.

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