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Working at height : Training on Pylon

Module 4


Training courses

Duration of the training

1 day

Module goals

Discover our specialised training course on working at height on pylon. 

This course will teach you the skills that are essential to work safely on vertical structures such as pylons. Learn to familiarise yourself with working at a height of over 50 metres and the feeling of emptiness.

Whether you are an experienced professional seeking to perfect your skills or a beginner wishing to learn the basics, this course offers you the opportunity to develop crucial expertise, thereby preparing you to work in full compliance with the most stringent safety standards. 

Invest in your safety and your professional future with Névé.

  1. Test your ability to work at height and your perception of emptiness (vertigo).
  2. Carry out exercises on a pylon in order to improve your skills.
  3. Improve your techniques: hauling systems, moving around, access, securing, rescues, etc.
  4. Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to avoid all the risks when working at height.

Target groups

  • The staff in companies in the construction, industry, electricity, green spaces, telecom, agri-foodstuffs and other sectors.
  • Prerequisite: having followed a course on working at height.

Practical details

  • Height : 56 m.
  • 6 working platforms secured by railings.
  • A central ladder secured by a Söll rail.
  • 2 Elia ladders secured by P.A.
  • Compliant marking in 4 working areas.

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