Training voucher and financial support for your work at height training.


aid available   SECTORS
Wallon Region Wallonie Training voucher
Volta (vormelek - formelec) volta Electricity businesses
FFC Constructiv fvb Construction Trades
Alimento alimento Food Crafts
Green sectors certif Walloon Green Sectors Mission
IFPM ifpm IFPM-Training


RW training vouchers for work at height training courses

The Training voucher is a tool for the continuous training of workers. It is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises with up to 250 employees and self-employed persons who wish to increase the productivity of their staff. The costs for the company are attractive because the Walloon Region intervenes in the amount of 15€ per hour of followed training and per person. Provide 1 training voucher per person per hour of training.
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Volta (vormelek - formelec)

Volta is the training center for all employers and employees of the JC 149.01. Volta was founded and is managed by the social partners in the electricity sector. It gives bonuses to the training of personnel in this sector.
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FFC Constructiv

The FVB FFC Constructiv is the professional Education Fund Building. It is addressed to all the employees of construction companies active in masonry, paint, plumbing, électricity, roofing and other activities of the JC 124. Do not hesitate to contact them to know their financial contribution to the training of your employees.
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Alimento is the training center for the food industry in Belgium. It aims to support the growth of the food industry through training and coaching. All courses are offered at a discounted rate for workers who have JP 118 and 220.
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The Walloon Mission of the green areas 

The Walloon Mission of the green areas was set up to promote access to continuing training for workers in these sectors. It provides funding to an employee of the JC 132 (agricultural and horticultural engineering), the JC 144 (Agriculture) and the JC 145 (Horticulture).
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L'IFPM is the professional education sectors of the technology industry and mechanical and electrical metal constructions (JC 111 for workers and JC 209 for employees) .
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