Névé: Your trusted partner for on-site interventions

The safety of your staff is an absolute priority

When planning interventions on site, the safety of your staff is an absolute priority.

This is where Névé comes in as your trusted partner.

We specialise in working at height, assembling and dismantling scaffolding, working on ropes and preventing the risk of falling and other risks linked to working at height.

Preventing the risk of falling

At Névé, our mission is to prevent the risk of falling.

We understand the challenges facing your team when working at height. This is why we are at your side at every stage of your on-site intervention.

Our mission is to ensure that your teams are safe and to keep the risks linked to working at height to a minimum.

Névé: Your guarantee of safety

Backed up by our experience and our passion for verticality, we place our technical and teaching knowledge at the service of your teams working in the field.

Over the years, Névé has built up a highly professional reputation, establishing a position as the go-to choice for exclusively professional customers.

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By choosing Névé as your partner for your on-site interventions, you opt for a very high quality service.

With Névé at your side, you benefit from a team of experts dedicated to keeping your team members safe from the risk of falling.

We understand the issues facing you and our expertise is your best asset to ensure that your working environment remains safe and in compliance with all the regulations in force.

Join the companies that have made Névé their preferred partner for all their on-site interventions.

Your safety is our priority. With Névé, you can be sure that all the work will be done with the highest standard of professionalism.

Don’t delay. Choose Névé for collaboration focusing on safety and the success of all your work at height.