Module 13

Gof 4 : Ropes Access on-site Telecom (basic techniques)


Telecom Training (GOF)

Duration of the training

3 days

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Objectives of this module

  • To give the candidate an analytical insight so he can identify the hazards associated with working at height.
  • Being able to use the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) to evolve safely at height along secured or not secured structures by means of ropes.
  • Application of simple hauling systems.
  • To be able to carry out a rescue on structures and ropes.
  • Used PPE : helmet, harness, fall protection systems (mobile and fixed), ropes, positioning lanyard, descender, pulleys.
  • Collective protection : fixed anchor points, mobile anchor points, lanyards, safety ladders, railings.
  • Practice on a pylon.

Target audiences

  • The staff of the telecom sector.
  • Beginning or experienced staff.

Practical modalities

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