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Névé specializes in the training of your staff in order to correctly use the fall arrest systems. The training center is up to date with the latest techniques and methods and will welcome you in a professional environment.

The reputation of NÉVÉ

For many years, Névé enjoys recognition thanks to a unique pedagogy, trainers with a high level of expertise and national and international references are at your service.

Training centre for works at height
Our mission : secure your needs
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The Névé training centre in Andenne
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On a pylon with a height of 55m
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In your company
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The NEVE training centre
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Training courses for works at height
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Risk analysis
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Assistance on site
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We offer several modules depending on your needs and the technical level you want to achieve.
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Technical expertise to prevent falls from a height in your action plan.
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Névé comes on site to work with you and your team to optimize the security at the workplace.
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